04:15 PM - 05:15 PM
20 October 2023

Creating Self-Innovating Organizations with Measurable Results!

State of the Industry / Profession

Learn how Civil Engineers in are developing internal talent – including Offices of Innovation - solely dedicated to fostering new methodologies and advanced technologies in the pursuit of innovation – often in partnership with innovation leaders in the private sector.

The presentation will be delivered in three parts –

PART 1 will cover “HOW-TO” elements – covering the basics so you can Create a “Culture of Innovation”, including:
• The Four key attributes for successful Public Works innovation programs:
• Four Best Management Practices for the operation of successful innovation teams
How you can begin by:
• Quantifying Solutions with defined problems and solutions
• The value of not re-inventing innovative solutions
• Implementation – how far you should go - but only to the “brink of execution”
• How crucial Collaboration, Adoption and Partnering are to Sustaining your Innovation program

PART 2 will detail a case study in which the City of Centennial Colorado (pop 100,000) created the nation’s first municipal Innovation Team focusing on emerging transportation and smart cities technologies.
The presentation will highlight:
• Successes and “successful failures.”
• Seven major areas of innovation now in operation in public agencies –
• How to create programs which approach “the brink of execution” and
• Highlight specific opportunities for future innovation –

PART 3 will provide a glimpse of the future, cutting edge and emerging technologies for civil engineers