10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
20 October 2023

Future World Vision: Off Planet Communities

ASCE’s Future World Vision initiative is planning for its next new future city, and it will be on the moon. Just like all our Future World Vision cities, it will visualize a future community, but this time it will be on the south pole of the Moon. The concepts, architecture, and engineering will be grounded in current research supported by the international space scientific community and information from NASA.

ASCE has partnered with Synthetic Moon, Inc to create a virtual platform by which we can explore and understand this future community, which can be added to our existing Mega City platform. And, with their help, we are making plans for a potential related IMAX movie that would show in museums and science centers about two years after the current run of our Cities of the Future movie. It has a working title of Moon Rush.

In this session, we will get a sneak preview of our early moon community ideas with a presentation on current NASA work and creative ideas about the movie from our movie producer partners. To top it off, we will hear about the plans for the Moon Rush software platform and be able to discuss how it will connect with our existing Future World Vision content. Plan to be inspired about the future – here, on the moon, and beyond.