10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
20 October 2023

Messages Matter: Attracting the Engineer Workforce of the Future

State of the Industry / Profession

Investments in infrastructure have created increased demand for civil engineers at a time when there is already a critical need to attract and retain a diverse engineering and technical workforce.  The US Bureau of Labor predicts a shortfall of more than 6 million engineers by 2026. Sadly, too many of today’s students don’t know what engineering is, think they aren’t smart enough to enter the profession, believe college is too expensive, and that all STEM jobs require a four-year degree.

We are challenging the STEM and educational community to expand how we present engineering and to create welcoming and inclusive STEM environments in K-12 schools and after-schools, colleges and universities, and the workplace. We believe a knowledgeable, creative, and persistent workforce representing diverse and varied perspectives is required to address today’s critical issues.

Starting with DiscoverE’s newly released Messages Matters research, this session will explore the role everyone can play in addressing this critical issue. Participants will engage in a conversation about how the civil engineering profession can respond.

This session is hosted by Civil Engineering magazine. The discussion will inform a feature article on the topic to be published in a future issue.