02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
19 October 2023

Stronger Teamwork, Project Delivery through Lean Design

Integrated Systems

As project teams strive to be Future Ready and find new ways to interact and collaborate with peers, new methods of project approach and delivery styles have grown in popularity as we strive towards projects and teams with better integrated systems and processes. The goal of this presentation is to introduce Lean project delivery methods and how they’ve been successfully implemented on a variety of projects of different scales and at different stages of the design and construction process. The presentation will include lecture-style slides, opportunity for audience Q&A, and an interactive exercise that will allow the audience to take a hands-on approach to learning.

Project teams are continually trying to condense project schedules and budgets while accommodating expanding scope, and the use of Lean project delivery can better organize the way the team tracks open decisions and ongoing tasks while minimizing delays and constraints to the project. Our project teams have seen tangible benefits in implementing Lean tools on our projects, including better communication, engagement, and teamwork across disciplines, subconsultants, and stakeholders and improvements to scope control and schedule management.

Lean project delivery focuses on minimizing waste and maximizing value through collaborative project team engagement and building alignment across all involved parties. Lean project delivery tools primarily focus on three areas: Collaborative Work Planning, Decision Making, and Continuous Improvement. This presentation will explore the Lean design tools of Pull Planning, Weekly Work Planning, Conditions of Satisfaction, A3 Decision Making, Choosing-By-Advantages, Target Value Design, Plus/Delta, and Keep/Stop/Start retrospective.