08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
26 October 2022

5G Telecom for CE's - Mystery Solved!

Strategic Issues / Public Policy

To meet the skyrocketing demand for telecommunications, billions in Federal and private sector dollars are building wireless and wireline networks in public rights of way, improving the public infrastructure and erecting millions of 5G towers. The first wave of three waves of 5G will bring unprecedented benefits but require telecommunications providers to install:

a) Millions of miles of fiber optic cables and new 5G small cell towers — often twice as many 5G transmitters as streetlights
b) As many as 8 street cuts per city block in the next 7 years, disrupting traffic and degrading pavements

Civil engineers, citizens and now even airlines are worried about 5G radiation. The Washington Post calls 5G “The Lie”. The Feds are telling local governments they “can’t say no” to 5G. So — is 5G a friend or foe?

Many civil engineers understand the “5-R’s of 5G Towers”:

  1. Radiation
  2. Revenue generation
  3. Repurposing your infrastructure
  4. Recovering costs
  5. Rethinking your telecommunications future

This session will explain the technology, explore the very best practices via an innovative 12-part approach highlighting how civil engineers are:

  • Creating resilient, critical “intelligent infrastructure”
  • Ensuring healthy RF radiation levels
  • Generating millions in new revenue
  • Installing/leasing excess city fiber optics for cash
  • Leasing streetlights as transmitter sites
  • Improving traffic signal coordination
  • Setting aesthetic standards
  • Futureproofing with fiber optics
  • Smart city strategic planning
  • Creating your very own municipal and public 5G network
  • Obtaining virtually 100% grant funds for everything!