02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
24 October 2022

City of Toronto’s Green Energy Journey

Significant Projects

RNG, otherwise recognized as bio methane gas produced from organic waste derived from farms, forests, landfills, and water treatment plants. The gas is captured, cleaned, and injected into pipelines to be used as a direct plug-in replacement for fossil based natural gas used to heat homes, support industry and power heavy-duty transportation sectors. Although RNG carries a premium over conventional natural gas, when compared against alternative clean energy options, RNG represents one of the strongest business cases for strategic energy transition – especially for municipalities and jurisdiction looking for credible climate emergency response measures available today.

City of Toronto is one of the leading North American municipalities that has embraced clean energy transition by adopting the circular economy model when it comes to handling the City’s waste and organics. Today, Toronto operates one of North America’s largest organics diversion programs producing significant amount of RNG to be used by City’s vehicle fleets and buildings. As Toronto’s engineering partner, GHD will explore the business model in detail, unpacking the staged approach based on the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social benefits.

Key themes of the presentation will focus on the early transition of City’s refuse fleet to compressed natural gas, partnership with the gas utility to upgrade biogas to RNG and the mechanism behind socializing the cost premium across all City owned properties to minimize the financial impacts if energy transition. This presentation will focus on the City’s development of anaerobic digestion and RNG assets over the last decade.