MacGillivray on Everest
11:30 AM - 01:30 PM
21 October 2023

Closing Luncheon with Greg MacGillivray - Lights, Camera, Innovation: Exploring the intersection of artistry and technology

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Join ASCE for our Closing Luncheon as we welcome Greg MacGillivray.  With 40 giant-screen films in 46 years to his credit, MacGillivray has shot more 70mm film than anyone in cinema history and is the first documentary filmmaker to reach the $1 billion benchmark in worldwide ticket sales. Greg has received two Academy Award nominations for Best Documentary Short Subject for The Living Sea, and Dolphins. In 2002, the Giant Screen Cinema Association honored Greg as one of the five most important contributors to the success of the industry. In 2013 Greg and MacGillivray Freeman Films received the Founders Award from the IMAX Maximum Image Awards. In 2017, Greg directed Dream Big: Engineering Our World, produced in partnership with ASCE, and he is directing the upcoming film Cities of the Future, which will have its first screening in conjunction with the ASCE 2023 Convention.