04:15 PM - 05:15 PM
20 October 2023

Community Engineering Corps - Striving Towards Equitable Infrastructure

State of the Industry / Profession

This session will be live-streamed by Continuing Education.

Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) works to build a future where everyone has access to the engineering resources required to live a life of opportunity. Currently, more than 11.6% (37.9 million)* of the US population falls below the poverty line. These poverty-stricken communities are scattered across the country – from the hollers of Appalachia to inner Los Angeles - and face daily challenges associated with being ill equipped both financially and technically to address their failing infrastructure needs. It’s challenging if not impossible for an underserved community to Be Future Ready when, as a result of centuries of inequitable resource allocation, they are not prepared to handle the infrastructure issues they face today. How can an underserved community work to conserve water when the system that supplies their town is riddled with leaks and there are no funds to hire a consultant to assess the best path forward? Here at Community Engineer Corps, we work to leverage the expertise and humanity found in these rooms – within all of you – to provide pro-bono consulting services and produce the Preliminary Engineering Reports and analyses required for communities to secure available grant funding and address their ever-increasing infrastructure needs. This presentation will discuss the program and showcase the program process and impact by highlighting the Hopkins County Water project successfully completed in the Village of Hopkins Park, Illinois – a short 65 miles south of the conference.