10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
24 October 2022

The Dollar Loan Center Design Build & Community Outreach

Significant Projects

The City of Henderson had a failing open air outdoor stage and seating that lost $3 Million a year, the operations and maintenance far exceeded the ticket receipts. The city desired to upgrade but financially could not cover the full cost. In the same time frame the owner of the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team was purchasing an AHL Hockey team and looking for a new home.

A public/private partnership was born to build a new indoor state of the art arena with 6200 seats. An innovative design-build-procurement process was used to hire the design team and contractor. In less than 2 years the $80 Million project went from a dream to grand opening. The cost was split 50-50 and the project is considered a success by all involved. Community outreach and support was key. Come hear how we gained support from the community and delivered on time and on budget!