04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
7 October 2021

Dubai Storm Water Tunnel — Sustainability Lessons

Significant Projects

DM is implementing the Dubai's Deep Tunnel Stormwater System as part of a long-term catchment-wide plan for capturing and conveying stormwater and groundwater flows. The DTSWS serves a catchment area of 490km,and will convey the collected water through 10km gravity tunnel at the end point of a terminal pumping station located at a depth of 60m.The terminal pumping station compromises of two main parts: the overflow structure and the main pumps with the sea outfall pipes. This will allow operational cost savings as the pumps will not be active unless a first flush is required, or in case of rainfall event. This presentation will showcase the sustainable approach Dubai has taken towards addressing the two emerging areas of concerns in infrastructure development in Dubai stormwater and rising ground water management, while keeping sustainability at forefront design.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how the design of the largest tunnel project in the middle east was adjusted and adapted for sustainability.
  • Define the operating pump range at different flow rates over large variations of static head.
  • Operate an adjustable weir system to manage overflow rates to minimize risks to low lying areas within the catchment and also emerging climate change conditions.