10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
19 October 2023

Dubai Storm Water Tunnel - Sustainability Lessons

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This session will be live-streamed by Continuing Education.

Dubai Municipality has implemented the Dubai's Deep Tunnel Storm Water System (DTSWS) as part of a long-term catchment-wide plan for capturing and conveying storm water and groundwater flows. Rising groundwater levels in Dubai is increasingly a concern as the deep foundations and basement structures of the skyscrapers are curtailing the natural pathways for groundwater. The DTSWS serves a catchment area of about 500 sq. km, and will convey the collected water through a 10 km gravity tunnel to a terminal pumping station facility located at a depth of 60 m. The facility consists of a 36m3/s deep pump house; and 110m3/s overflow structure which discharges flows that are above 36 m3/s. The system will manage the rising brackish ground water most of the year and when needed switched to rainwater mode to handle the rare rain events. This presentation will showcase the sustainable approached Dubai has taken towards storm water and rising groundwater management, while keeping sustainability as priority criteria. The selection of the four numbers of main pumps (9 m3/s each) that covers three different regimes: dry weather, tunnel emptying and first flush of storm water over wide ranges of flows and static heads, was the primary sustainability check.

Primary Speaker, Jayapregasham Tharamapalan, will be joining live from Dubai.