04:15 PM - 05:45 PM
6 October 2021

Emerging Risks in Engineering

Multi-Discipline Technical

Design firms often take on a disproportionate amount of risk versus reward and must manage a wide range of complex and evolving risks. This program will take a hard look at emerging risks that the design professional will need to address and ultimately assume and control in order to mitigate their exposures to costly claims and client disputes. The emerging risks we will discuss include evolving standard of care, fiduciary, scope creep, cyber, BIM, fiduciary, climate change, alternative delivery and staffing. Join us and our special panel for an interactive discussion on these emerging risk trends - and some practical risk management tips.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will become aware of the latest risk affecting engineering firms as well as what impact these will have on your firm.
  • We will discuss how the Standard of Care is evolving and quite possibly can change with every project. We will discuss Fiduciary Liability and how there is a push by some folks in the construction industry believe architects to have such an exposure.
  • Finally, we will discuss how to avoid scope creep, and how to document your files should you perform services outside your scope.