15:30 - 17:00
28 October 2020

Empowered to Innovate: Civil Engineering Education for the Future Profession

State of the Industry / Profession

Abstract: As the civil engineering profession evolves, the preparation of tomorrow’s civil engineering professional must change to meet the profession’s future needs. ASCE’s 2019 Civil Engineering Education Summit explored this idea and produced key recommendations for meeting these needs. The session will provide an overview of Summit findings, and explore several case studies that demonstrate how civil engineering programs in the US and abroad are evolving to meet these curricular challenges:

  • Integrating undergraduate research into the civil engineering curriculum
  • Maximizing the benefits of hands-on learning, addressing industry needs, updated facilities, inclusive learning, and integrated empathy/soft skills in design projects.
  • Applying competency-based teaching and learning
  • Reimagining Surveying: civil engineering and geomatics

Learning Objectives:

  • Engage civil engineering educators and practitioners in discussions regarding the future needs of the profession.
  • Identify activities professionals and educators can undertake in their local professional communities to advance these ideas.
  • Provide feedback on the state of the profession in your community to the Civil Engineering Education Summit Working Group tasked with organizing follow-up activities on the future of civil engineering education.