08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
26 October 2022

Human and Freight Mobility in Mega City 2070

Future World Vision

In some ways, the soul of a city is its street grid. Hidden within its lines and forms are the history of human need, planning, and equity. Rarely does a city start from scratch when it comes to its streets, but while Mega City’s grid is largely preserved, its purpose and utility have been transformed. By automating both vehicles and maintenance, the city has freed many of its streets for pedestrians and micro mobility options. Autonomous vehicles seamlessly merge and form platoons along highspeed arterial routes, changing freeways from community dividers into permeable accessways to public transit. This is just a glimpse of transportation in Mega City 2070.

This session will kick off with a talk on the vision for human and freight mobility in Mega City 2070 before engaging the attendees in a conversation on their views of the future of mobility.

Learning objectives

By attending this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Human and freight mobility as discussed in ASCE’s Future World Vision: Mega City 2070 desktop platform.
  • Views of the speaker and those in attendance on the challenges and solutions to human and freight mobility needs in cities of the future.
  • Ways to interact with the Mega City 2070 to join the in-platform conversation on human and freight mobility.