09:45 AM - 11:15 AM
26 October 2022

Imagineering through the lens of a Civil Engineer

Significant Projects

Walt Disney Imagineering has a very diverse scope of work that crosses hundreds of disciplines. These disciplines include artists, engineers, writers, architects to computer animation programmers, model makers and more – Imagineers all work as a team to create the “magic” of Disney parks and experiences. Therefore, we will begin this session with a little history of the beginnings of Walt Disney Imagineering and an overview of the Company’s new and upcoming projects around the world. 

Building the happiest place on earth means that we inspire the best in all of us.  We look to bring different dimensions of Civil Engineering by means of a panel consisting of 6 civil engineers supporting different roles within Walt Disney Imagineering (Sr. Civil Engineer-Civil engineering lead, Sr. Civil Engineer-technology expert, Sr. Civil Engineer-water feature and water treatment lead, Sr. Structural Engineer-Structural & Rockwork Engineering, Design Manager and a Project Engineer).  The panel will discuss their personal and professional journeys through the design development of one of our most recent projects.  Emphasis will be placed on the use of technology and how coordinating/learning about electrical, show input, mechanical design, fire protection, landscape architecture, etc. has made our civil engineers well-rounded professionals.