14:10 - 15:20
29 October 2020

Industry Leaders Forum

This session will earn 1.5 PDHs

With the unveiling of the Mega City prototype, Future World Vision marks a new chapter in the development of its immersive investigation into the possibilities of urban evolution over the next 50 years.

Artificial intelligence, population growth, climate change, advanced materials, and ubiquitous automation are interwoven into the design and the narratives that propel the user through an interactive, three-dimensional city.

Grounded in deep research and subject matter expertise, engineering challenges are contextualized by interdisciplinary considerations spanning policy, culture, and economics. The content-rich platform provokes discussion and collaboration across diverse fields of study and geographic boundaries as we work toward a vision of our collective future.

Join Jerry Buckwalter, ASCE's Chief Innovation Officer, Alex McDowell, co-founder and creative director at Experimental Design, and Patrick Meegan, lead designer on the project, as they introduce the Mega City of 2070.