08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
23 October 2022

Innovation Boot Camp

Increasing Individual and Organizational Creativity

PDHs: 7

The problem

Consistent, company-wide innovation is difficult to accomplish. As organizations grow – as they become more structured, develop the rules and routines required to direct and coordinate production, and acquire the resources that allow them to become more efficient – they inevitably develop “innovation inertia,”

  • Is your organization resistant to change?
  • Does your organization rely on strategic acquisitions for product development?
  • Is your company convinced that it is immune to disruption because it is so large?

If these questions resonate with your organization, it may be experiencing innovation inertia. Your business units may be hindered from effectively collaborating together to find unique solutions to complex organization-wide problems.

Attend the Innovation Boot Camp and learn the solution using the Ideaworx system

The Ideaworx system views innovation as a process of “creative problem solving” that involves everyone in the organization, and begins by training individuals in a systematic way to:

  • imagine novel solutions to personally compelling problems,
  • take “first steps” toward determining whether or not any given “idea” is truly an “innovation” or “business opportunity,”  and
  • facilitate a team through a collaborative innovation session.

2022 Innovation Bootcamp Agenda

Morning session | Increasing Individual Creative Capacity

  • Understand the blocks to creativity and free yourself to be more creative
  • Focus on problems and forsake the familiar

Afternoon session | Increasing Organizational Capacity for Innovation

  • Think like a serial entrepreneur
  • Validate the opportunity
  • Facilitate a team in collaborative problem solving
  • Restructure the organization for innovation

Tickets: EB $250 | ADV $300 | ONS $350