10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
24 October 2022

Innovation Challenge – Train the Team Advisor

State of the Industry / Profession

The challenge of coming up with an innovative idea can be like a brick wall that stops a student from pursuing an opportunity such as the ASCE innovation contest. There is a need for advisors and mentors to have tools to encourage students to think innovatively, to demonstrate the value of the rich ideas that evolve from a diverse group of thinkers and then convert those ideas to an innovation. Such a group of advisors should include different engineering specialties, diverse technologists, and other non- engineering innovation and business specialists.

The Innovation Challenge will provide a practical approach to developing an innovative idea within a systems approach to solving an existing or anticipated real-world problem and creating a usable idea. This Innovation Challenge is a sprint-like event that can be delivered in a short period of time. It is an exploration of problems and the wide spectrum exploration and development of possible solutions to solve those problems. Using a widely practiced model the development team will deliver a learning module that includes active learning, examples, theoretical reasoning and templates for future use.

In this session, the attendees become the participants in the challenge and will learn firsthand what is expected from the event and its connection to developing and implementing an innovative idea.