02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
24 October 2022

Mega City 2070 Application and Use Case Experience in Academia

Future World Vision

Mega City 2070 desktop platform is an effective learning tool that is ready for integration with civil engineering curriculum. The experience through the deeply researched virtual city of the future is designed not only to present a narrative of future possibilities in a visually immersive environment, but to stimulate the user to ask questions they wouldn’t otherwise ask, discuss topics they wouldn’t otherwise discuss, and engage in conversations on the future of cities.

This session features a panel from academia with experience in integrating Mega City 2070 desktop platform into their coursework. The panel will share their experience in using the platform to provoke classroom discussions and debates, generate new ideas, help identify challenges of tomorrow that need to be addressed in the solutions of today, and in the process, transform the way we think about infrastructure.

Learning objectives

By attending this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Use-case experience from application of Future World Vision: Mega City 2070 desktop platform at various levels in course curriculum.
  • How to integrate Future World Vision: Mega City 2070 desktop platform into the curriculum for existing coursework.
  • Application of Future World Vision principles (visualization, world building and innovation) in education.