10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
24 October 2022

The New Colosseum Arena Floor: between innovation and conservation

History & Heritage

The basic principles of the project are the protection and conservation of pre-existing archaeological structures of the Colosseum in Rome. A new plan will cover the entire surface of the ground floor giving back the possibility to use the central space of the Arena. The new surface will be built with an extremely light structure: carbon-fiber panels covered with timber to minimize the load on the existing walls. It will be set at the same level - "quota Flavia"- of the pre-existing wooden floor. Every panel will be able to rotate and translate in different configurations controlled remotely to let the visitors admire the hypogea, the original stage machine. At the same time the openings will optimize the natural air circulation to guarantee the correct conservation of underground structures. The new structures will be isolated chemically and physically to avoid the transmission of horizontal stresses in case of an earthquake and the dynamic forces induced by the walkway of visitors on the arena plane.