04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
24 October 2022

Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) Award Nominees Present – Session I

Significant Projects

Established in 1960, this prestigious ASCE award honors the project that best illustrates superior civil engineering skills and represents a significant contribution to civil engineering progress and society. Hear from the nominees in their own words*.

This session the following projects featured are:

  • Able Pump Station
  • Canarsie Tunnel Rehabilitation & Core Capacity Improvements
  • Citizens Reservoir
  • I-15; Lehi Main to SR92, Technology Corridor
  • Keauhou Beach Hotel and Site Demolition
  • Moynihan Train Hall

*Due to the large number of nominees project presentation will occur in two sessions.

Able Pump Station

Presenter: Lance Ferland, P.E. - Vice President, HDR, Inc.

Canarsie Tunnel Rehabilitation & Core Capacity Improvements

Presenter: Jessie Jamie 

Citizens Reservoir

Presenter: Benjamin Burroughs, P.E. - Water Resources Engineer, Arcadis

The Citizens Reservoir is the newest addition to Citizens’ surface water supplies and increases raw water storage capacity by three billion gallons via the re-purposing of a decommissioned rock quarry. The addition of Citizens Reservoir enhances the community’s drought preparedness by allowing use of the stored raw water under abnormally dry conditions. In the words of a national hydraulic expert, Citizens Reservoir is a “game changer” to the drought resiliency and water management in Central Indiana.

The most notable feature of the project is the inherent sustainability of its concept: the creation of the Citizens Reservoir used the large excavation created by decades of mining activities, and the natural bedrock, as integral design elements that achieve both simplicity and longevity. Other sustainable design decisions included utilizing variable frequency drives on the pumps to conserve energy; purposefully laying out the site to minimize impacts to the surrounding woodlands; implementing extensive water quality monitoring systems; providing spill containment facilities; and specifying native prairie plantings and trees to minimize mowing, creating new wildlife habitats, and providing barriers to reduce noise pollution.

I-15; Lehi Main to SR92, Technology Corridor

Presenter: Rob Clayton, P.E. - Region Director, Utah Department of Transportation

The I-15 Technology Corridor Project was the last piece of a 30 mile section of I-15 to be widened and reconstructed in recent years. Increased development and rapid growth within the area led to traffic congestion along the I-15 corridor and nearby surface streets and interchanges, this impacted drivers and surrounding communities. The project used innovative design and construction strategies to come up with solutions that helped to maintain traffic during construction, relieve congestion in the area, replace aging infrastructure, and provide an active transportation system.

Keauhou Beach Hotel and Site Demolition

Presenter: Eric H. Tamashiro, P.E., M.ASCE - Senior Project Manager, Bowers + Kubota Consulting

“He aliʻi ka ʻāina; he kauwā ke kanaka … The land is a chief; man is its servant.” This traditional Native Hawaiian proverb describes the foundational vision for the successful transformation of culturally-rich, environmentally-sensitive Kahalu‘u Manuwai back to a historical treasure for educational use by carefully deconstructing a 1960s hotel. Seven stories tall, surrounded by 15 historical sites, the Keauhou Beach Resort Hotel stood in tide pools along pristine coastline teeming with sea life including endangered turtles. Planning, design and permitting for this project took five years and was reviewed by federal, state and county agencies.

Critical steps included an Environmental Assessment, archaeological/cultural studies, botanical/avian/terrestrial mammal surveys, shoreline surveys, wetland determinations, flood studies, structural engineering work plans, hazardous materials abatement, water quality testing and endangered species monitoring.

Kamehameha Schools and Bowers + Kubota Consulting are pleased to share with you the historical and cultural significance of Kahalu‘u Manuwai and the challenges overcome in deconstructing the Keauhou Beach Resort Hotel.

Moynihan Train Hall

Presenter: Brian Falconer

NE Spring Boulevard

Presenter: Steve Costa