11:00 - 11:50
30 October 2020

A Roadmap for Safety in Civil Engineering

Professional Development

This session will earn 1.0 PDH

Abstract: Construction site safety continues to be a concern in the engineering and construction industry. Given the large number of accidents and disproportionate number of injuries and fatalities compared to other work industries, the ASCE Industry Leaders Council (ILC) has taken on the challenge to identify and develop ways in which safety can be improved throughout the industry. Due to the industry's size and complexity, the safety effort will need to be a multi-faceted approach if we really want to change the culture around safety. The strategy will need to begin with education and training. Achieving success will require safety performance to be measured and monitored as well. All these efforts will require coordination and commitment from both design and construction firms along with educational, insurance, regulatory, and other entities that participate in and support the industry.

This panel presentation will present the ILC’s current strategy and roadmap of activities with respect to safety and how the industry will work together to improve safety in civil engineering. A panel of experts will present details of targeted activities and case study examples to improve safety including in the areas of education/training, insurance, safety metrics, ethics, and organizational and industry culture. The presentation is intended to describe actionable items that industry practitioners, organizations, and academic institutions will need to implement over the next decade. The proposed action items extend the challenge to industry to make improvements in safety a reality, and help meet our commitment to ASCE’s ethical responsibility of making safety paramount.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explain how organizations can work individually and collectively to improve safety on projects and throughout the industry.
  • Describe how safety can be improved through educational and training initiatives.
  • Describe how insurance plays a role in promoting safety and can be used to measure safety performance.
  • Describe how safety and ethics combine to support and benefit an organization and the industry as a whole.
  • Present examples of how the integration of safety efforts across a project team benefited safety performance on the project.