04:15 PM - 05:30 PM
25 October 2022

Structures, Architecture, and Construction in Mega City 2070

Future World Vision

Cities are largely defined and understood by their structures and architecture. And while our iconic buildings must protect, inspire, and often last for hundreds of years, they must also be able to adapt to shifting needs and perform many functions in an evolving landscape. In Mega City 2070, engineers and architects bring expertise in sustainability, resilience, preservation, and livability while they work with the community they serve to shape the identity of the built environment. They work with high-performance, sustainable, and reusable materials, and leverage these innovations using robotics, digital models, and modularity.

This interactive session will set the tone with a talk on structures, architecture, and construction in Mega City 2070, and will open the conversation for a roundtable discussion with attendees on their views of these core elements of the city decades from today.

Learning objectives 

By attending this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Structures, architecture, and construction as discussed in ASCE’s Future World Vision: Mega City 2070 desktop platform.
  • Views of the speaker and those in attendance on the challenges and solutions to structural, architectural, and construction in cities of the future.
  • Ways to interact with the Mega City 2070 to join the in-platform conversation on structures, architecture, and construction.