08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
26 October 2022

Sustainability and Resiliency in Civil Engineering Practice

State of the Industry / Profession

Join the ASCE Sustainability Technical Committee during a roundtable discussion designed around the following questions:

  • How are civil engineers using sustainability and resilience in practice?
  • What gaps exist in sustainable and resilient engineering practices?
  • And, what information and data is missing for creating sustainable and resilient design?

In this 90-minute event, attendees will have the opportunity to join moderated, small group discussions and influence next steps for civil engineers in creating sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Overview of ASCE sustainability work and activities of COS and STC (charge, vision, mission, etc - brief).

Roundtable discussion:

  • What needs to be addressed and integrated into ASCE sustainability work?
  • Discuss concerns of risk, uncertainties, gaps, and drivers for climate change and what needs to be done in engineering practice technically - taking into consideration social equity - from here.