01:45 PM - 02:20 PM
26 October 2021

CI Session #1: Blast Bridge Demolition

For nearly all bridge replacement projects, safe and controlled demolition of the existing structure is of the highest importance.   Using explosives to remove a bridge structure, which to those unfamiliar may not sound controlled or safe, is the focus of this presentation.  To properly execute a successful explosive demolition, much preplanning and preparation must occur before the big event.  This presentation will cover typical scenarios where explosive demolition is a viable alternative to surgical removal and discuss the engineering and community outreach preparation typically involved in an explosive bridge demolition project.  Additionally, the presentation will examine several case studies.  The goal of the case studies is to learn from past experiences, and as the audience will see, not all the case studies went as planned. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Motives for selecting explosive demolition over other approaches.
  • Review of explosive demolition techniques and structure preparations
  • Structural and analytical considerations of existing structure prior/during/after explosive demolition
  • Understand other non-structural impacts of explosive demolition such as vibration monitoring, underground utilities and roadway below the existing structure.