02:20 PM - 03:30 PM
12 October 2021

CTA Session #1: Emerging Technologies for Infrastructure Resilience

The resilience of infrastructure systems to changing natural and social-technical environments is essential for life quality and public security in built environments. The quantification of infrastructure system resilience is a challenge for both stakeholders and service providers. Sensing, computing, and construction technologies are being developed to enhance the resilience of the built environment, particularly for establishing resilient features across the various civil infrastructure. However, describing the contributions in a way that brings the technology provider and the consumer together is critical to the widespread adoption of emerging technologies developed for improving infrastructure resilience. The diversity of emerging technologies and different infrastructure system operation scenarios also pose challenges to assessing the impacts of various technology uses on different system resilience issues. No unified framework exists for guiding the assessment of various technology uses on different system resilience issues. As a result, technical development for enhancing infrastructure system resilience lacks an agreed method to guide efficient and effective technical development, search, selection, and use.

The Computing Division and the Infrastructure Resilience Division (IRD) propose five tech talks followed by a 20-minutes panel discussion to identify a roadmap for establishing a unified method that can assess the contributions of various technologies to infrastructure system resilience and relevant socio-economic impacts. The first talk will examine a methodology developed by the Emerging Technology Committee (ETC) under IRD to explore how emerging technologies can contribute to system resilience. The other four tech talks will highlight efforts from multiple fields for assessing various impacts of technology usage.

Learning Objective(s):

After this Tech Talks session, the attendees will be able to:

  • Define infrastructure systems resilience and describe the importance of quantifying infrastructure systems resilience in changing built environments.
  • Identify the dimensions of infrastructure systems resilience and explain features of technical solutions that are helpful for improving specific dimensions of systems resilience.
  • Identify technical solutions that can help given decision-making scenarios in operating and maintaining civil infrastructure systems for improved resilience in changing environments