01:00 PM - 02:10 PM
9 November 2021

UESI Panel Discussion #1: Asset Management and Buried Pipeline Resiliency and Maintenance

With over 2.2 million miles of underground water pipes much of the U.S. water and wastewater systems are aging, while insufficient funding exacerbates maintenance and repair challenges. The UESI’s Utility Asset Management and Pipeline Divisions will share the latest pipeline asset management insights including examples of meeting resiliency challenges, performing proactive condition assessment programs, and planning for the pipeline lifecycle as part of new designs. These case studies and discussions will be valuable to pipeline system owners. This session will include:

  • Review of the ASCE Water and Wastewater Report card findings; the funding gap and statistics on pipe breaks and sewage discharges per year; the importance of resiliency; and solutions to close the gap.
  • Overview of in‐progress Manual of Practice (MOP) on Seismic Design of Pipelines, as well as the proposed Standard for Testing Requirements for Seismic Design of Buried Water/Wastewater Pipelines
  • Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power (LADWP) ‐ earthquake resistance piping testing efforts and case studies related to seismic pipeline design at LADWP
  • Asset Management; San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) Vista Ridge Pipeline Project
  • SAWS Water Main Prioritization and Replacement Program; new field and desktop assessment technologies


Learning Objective(s):

  • Recognize the importance to adequately maintain and manage buried pipelines as a critical infrastructure asset.
  • Understand that resiliency is a critical factor for the long‐term performance of our buried infrastructure.
  • Earthquakes pose one of the greatest threats of extensive damage to our buried pipelines infrastructures and they must be designed accordingly through meaningful testing protocols.



  • Celine Hyer, ARCADIS
  • Brad Wham, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Nancy Wigner, LADWP
  • Alan Foster, KCI Technologies
  • Kat Price, SAWS