11:30 AM - 01:00 PM
9 October 2024

Closing Luncheon with Julia Pollak; How to Succeed in the New Work Economy

General / Main

In her daily work as ZipRecruiter’s chief economist, Julia Pollak is the first to spot the ebbs and flows of the market and identify the trends that will be integral to the success of organizations and employees for the future of work. In this talk, Pollak zeroes in on the new work economy — highlighting what the data is telling us about the state of employment for specific industries and roles, as well as going one step beyond to illustrate what all of this means from a human perspective. Speaking to the perspectives of both organizations and employees, she shares valuable strategies for how companies can adapt to labor market trends to attract their desired candidates and touches on tools for success for job seekers, with the goal of powering a market that works for everyone.