10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7 October 2024

Deep Foundation Practices in the Challenging Geology of Florida

State of the Industry / Profession

Florida’s rapid population growth and urban development require the construction of various types of civil engineering works. However, its unique geologic origins resulted in karst formations and variable subsurface geotechnical conditions that present considerable challenges to the design and construction of foundations. Steel and prestressed concrete driven piles, drilled shafts, and auger-cast piles are typically used as deep foundations to support all types of bridges, high-rise buildings, causeways, port facilities, and other small and large structures. Some of the foundation piles reach record depths of hundreds of feet. Presented are discussions on the design, installation, specifications, quality control and assurance aspects of deep foundations applicable to Florida’s subsurface conditions and which are widely considered models of innovation for good practices nationwide. Foundation issues such as subsurface variability, load bearing capacity evaluations, structural integrity assessments, geotechnical time-effects, and sinkhole conditions are discussed and demonstrated with the aid of illustrative case histories. 
Mohamad Hussein, P.E. is Principal Engineer at GRL Engineers, Inc. and Executive Director at Pile Dynamics, Inc. In his 40+ years career consulted on more than 1,000 projects. Instructor of the ASCE’s Continuing Education Class: Deep Foundations Design, Construction, and Quality Control. Member of technical committees of ASTM, DFI, PDCA, and ASCE. Chaired the Deep Foundations Committee of the ASCE’s Geo-Institute, and the PDCA’s Education Committee; and currently Chairs the PDCA’s Technical Committee. Published 60 papers, and co-edited eight ASCE books. He is a registered professional engineer in several States, and recipient of several professional and industry awards and recognitions.