09:45 AM - 11:15 AM
9 October 2024

ASCE/COS 73-23 Sustainable Practice for Sustainable Infrastructure

Strategic Issues / Public Policy

In 2023, ASCE published a non-mandatory performance based standard on sustainable infrastructure using an ANSI accredited consensus process. This standard may be used to develop and implement sustainable infrastructure solutions through the entire life-cycle process. The standard requires the infrastructure solution to meet a minimum of 19 out of 27 outcomes. The outcomes are performance based and include sustainability leadership, quality of life, resource allocation, natural world, greenhouse gas emissions, resilience and life-cycle cost analysis. Unlike other ASCE standards that are more prescriptive, ASCE/COS 73-23 allows the stakeholders (owners, planners, architects, engineers, contractors, operators and the community) of the infrastructure solution to define the desired outcome based upon performance. The standard is best used at the earliest stages of the project to analyze all resonable alternatives considering natural, no-construction and contructed project solutions. Though applicable to most infrastructure types, the standard is not intended for small projects or interior, conditioned buildings with the primary purpose of human occupation. Many of the outcomes are similar to the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure's Envision rating tool which is a helpful guide.

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