02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
8 October 2024

Breaking Down PFAS – Risk Communications Management Best Practices

Strategic Issues / Public Policy

Public awareness and concerns about human exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) continue to grow. The importance of PFAS risk communication from public agencies and industries will only increase as regulations continue to evolve and data continues to be collected from programs like the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 5 (UCMR5). Communication materials should cover the state of the science on PFAS health effects, and how PFAS are being managed in drinking water, air emissions, and the environment. Many agencies and companies have been proactively addressing public concerns, but with new PFAS regulations and enhanced UCMR5 testing, many more manufacturers and receivers will need to communicate with their customers about PFAS in products, discharges, and disposal and what they are doing to keep the public and environment safe. This session will identify and discuss best practices in use by organizations that have effectively addressed public concerns about PFAS.

Accredited 1 Personal Development Hour.