02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
8 October 2024

Design for Biodiversity: Nature-Inclusive Applications in Urban Waterfronts & Coastal Infrastructure

Significant Projects

This session focuses on innovative approaches to planning and retrofitting coastal and marine port infrastructure, using ecologically-sensitive design and construction technologies. Through project case studies, we’ll explore different applications of science-driven, nature-inclusive design elements, highlighting the multiple benefits of ecosystem services in future urban and industrial planning. 
Ports are at the forefront of environmental challenges associated with climate change and coastal development, uniquely positioned to implement innovative approaches to build resilient infrastructure. In recent years, ports globally have been actively working to demonstrate ecological alternatives to traditional coastal infrastructure; these include the Port of San Diego, California, USA and the Port of Vigo and Port of Malaga, Spain. These projects provide examplesof nature-inclusive solutions designed to address not only the structural requirements for coastal protection and port infrastructure, but also the need to promote native marine habitats, increase biodiversity, and restore local marine ecosystems. Showcasing these projects catalyse the fundamental change in best practices for the design and construction of ports by shifting from ‘grey’ infrastructure towards nature-inclusive ‘blue’ infrastructure which offer structural, environmental, and socioeconomic benefits. 
This presentation will highlight both ecological and structural performance from these recent port projects and discuss how innovative construction technologies, novel research collaboration, and interactive stakeholder engagement can shape the role of ports to actively address the need to protect marine biodiversity; serving to advance the understanding of the opportunities and benefits of nature inclusive port infrastructure and provide guidance and blueprint for practitioners.

Accredited 1 Personal Development Hour.