04:00 PM - 05:15 PM
8 October 2024

Learning Leadership: A Short Course to be a Better Leader

State of the Industry / Profession

In partnership with LTC, CDL, & SPG, learn to refine your leadership skills. Topics that will be covered include balancing group dynamics, leading a group for the first time, ASCE leadership 101, and much more. The session will begin with a small panel discussing the basics of leadership, avenues to continue refining your leadership skills in ASCE, and some insights into available ASCE resources. We will then shift to smaller group discussions on topics specific to what you are interested in, moderated by some of ASCE's best volunteers related to those issues. Each of the previously listed committees will be providing support in planning the session as well as providing presenters. No individuals have been officially selected at this time. Our goal is to provide another leadership training touchpoint for students, younger members, prospective ASCE leadership candidates, and anyone who has an interest in becoming a better leader!