02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
7 October 2024

Smart City Standards: Walking the Talk on Future World Vision

State of the Industry / Profession

Mega City 2070 is at the heart of ASCE’s Future World Vision initiative. It is based on the critical realization that to build the future, we must first visualize it. But as custodians of the built infrastructure responsible to deliver cities of the future while ensuring public health and safety, civil engineers must work within the confines of codes and standards that speak to the complex needs of the future. ASCE’s Future World Vision initiative has energized a community of smart city SMEs to chalk out new guidelines, manuals, and standards to help deliver the city of the future. This panel will discuss some examples of smart city standards, the need to work across multidisciplinary lines, and will share examples and ideas on a series of civil engineering standards for smart cities that can transform the pace of delivering future-ready infrastructure